Your favorite insights, all in one place

YOUR competitor...

ran a promotion

launched a new product

raised ad spending

YOUR customer...

changed sentiment

showed a new preference

change search patterns


changed an algorithm

launched a worthwhile feature

has a gap to exploit


Make decisions instead of compiling data

Understand why paid search performance went up or down

Understand why performance went up or down

Plan your next search engine marketing optimization

Plan your next optimization


Our Secret Sauce

We combine cutting-edge technology with industry-leading expertise

1. Monitoring

Our platform employs language processing to listen to thousands of data sources
Research, news, query volume, research studies, press releases, search results, tweets and surveys.

2. Analysis

Experts curate and summarize the most relevant information for your business
Business analysis and paid search engine marketing analytics

3. Insight

You receive concise business intelligence to fuel your SEM & social marketing strategies
Business intelligence to fuel your marketing strategy

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