What exactly is Ad Bacon?

Ad Bacon is both a service and technology platform that combines data from multiple sources to deliver need-to-know insights to brands and agencies running paid search marketing campaigns.

Your internal campaign metrics only tell half the story. With Ad Bacon, you can quickly understand the external factors that are influencing your SEM performance on a week-to-week basis and make strategic decisions that maximize ROI going forward.

Who uses it?

Ad Bacon is for professionals who oversee paid search programs, typically working within the search marketing department at a corporation or ad agency. You'll love our service if you're an Analyst, Manager, Director, or VP who is responsible for overseeing or executing SEM programs. We're happy to serve you individually, or serve your brand and agency relationship together.

What kinds of questions can Ad Bacon answer?

We have a strong understanding of which questions are top of mind for you because we're search marketers ourselves. Here are examples of the questions that our rundowns succinctly answer on a regular basis:

    About Your Competitors:

  • Did a competitor release a new product?
  • Are they targeting a new kind of customer?
  • Are they running a new promotion?
  • What messaging are they using?
  • Is my ad copy compelling next to others?
  • How can I differentiate?
  • What kind of growth are they achieving?
  • How does their rank and impression share (SOV) compare to mine?
  • Are they poaching on my brand or trademark keywords?

  • About Your Target Customers:

  • What new trends and behaviors are my target customer demonstrating?
  • Is demand up or down in my industry? What can I expect for my own performance?
  • Are customers searching keywords related to my business more or less often than normal? What's the trend?
  • What features and promotions resonate the most with my target audience?
  • What proportion of the time do my customers use smartphones vs. desktops vs. tablets right now?

  • About Your Industry:

  • Which changes in Google, Bing, or Yahoo are actually likely to impact my business?
  • Is this new vendor or feature worth my time to test?
  • What new ad formats are actually likely to be impactful?

What kinds of decisions can I make using intelligence from Ad Bacon?

With Ad Bacon, you'll get the inspiration and rationalization you need to make tweaks like these on an ongoing basis:

  • Adjust ad copy language
  • Change promotions
  • Add topical content to landing pages
  • Shift keyword visibility
  • Plan the budget media mix
  • Reciprocate bidding on other advertisers
  • Test a promising new ad format
  • Target a receptive audience
  • And more

How much does it cost?

Just contact us and we would be happy to discuss a fee basis that will fit your budget.

How do I get started using it?

Simply contact us and we'll happily walk you through our streamlined onboarding process. Once the contract between your company and Ad Bacon is signed, we'll ask you key questions about your business to ensure we provide the most relevant intelligence. Then our experts will activate our monitoring technology and serve you personalized insights on an ongoing basis.

What if I already have a subscription to other services?

In addition to standing on its own, Ad Bacon serves as an excellent complement to other tools you might already use, whether you use competitive monitoring (AdGooroo, The Search Monitor), traffic insight tools (Hitwise, comScore, Compete), market research subscriptions (eMarketer, Forrester Research), or Google Alerts. We access a wide range of monitoring services and media pipelines and synthesize the information into a concise, need-to-know rundown built specifically for the needs of search marketers.

If you're not using other tools yet, Ad Bacon is a great way to get access to much of the same competitive insights (and more) without paying for separate, high-minimum-fee plans from each provider or spending all of your time clicking around to find the interesting nuggets.


More questions?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!